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The Mission: 300 Turkey Meal Deliveries
Grace Church is rallying to distribute 300 meals this Thanksgiving to families that would otherwise go without. We cannot accomplish our mission without you! We need meal donations as well as cheerful, generous delivery-drivers to take these turkey meals out into the community. Click the “Donate Here” button above to get specific information about how you can be a part of this ministry.


Ministry Report: Wednesday, September 27 • DCFS Bags

The ReSource Team delivered luggage bags to the Department of Children & Family Services this week. Often, children that are removed from their homes do not own luggage and so the most convenient and cost effective bag to put kids’ belongings in as they are transferred from home to a foster home is a trash bag. Our ReSource Team saw and met a real need here. Bags were purchased and stuffed with hygiene essentials and delivered to DCFS this week. Amen.


Ministry Report: Tuesday, August 8 • Back 2 School Backpack Distribution Project

Grace Church of Glendora hosted a backpack distribution fair for the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) on August 8, 2017. Grace Church was able to raise approximately $10,000 between Vacation Bible School and their benevolent offering. The funds raised were used to purchase over 300 backpacks and the necessary supplies to fill all of the backpacks. In the end, Grace was able to pack 325 backpacks with pencils, pens, markers, crayons, folders, binders, white out, erasers, and highlighters. Grace members also spent two nights helping to pack the backpacks the two nights prior to the distribution. The way the church came together was amazing!

The event distribution was a great event. Grace hosted over 500 people who were connected to DCFS. DCFS provided the food and some toys for the children while Grace supplied over 30 people to staff the event in addition to backpacks, socks, soccer balls, and snow cones. We had members helping with check in, handing out the backpacks, making snow cones, cutting down trees with pocket knifes, and talking with the attendees. It was great watching numerous families serving together and watching some of our middle school kids help out at the snow cone machine. Grace members made this event run smoothly and many shared positive comments on the event and expressed interest in helping with future endeavours.

The event had some heartwarming moments while watching kids run around with their new backpacks on during the event. We also got to watch kids faces light up when they received socks, a new toy, a soccer ball, or a snow cone. We were several people prayed over during the event. The event also had heart wrenching moments as we learned that one child was recently shot, two sets of twins who lost their mom, and several children who couldn’t attend because they were on house arrest. We also had a tree that almost hit someone’s van during the event.

Overall, we enjoyed watching the kids who attended and our hearts became full. We had over 20 people ask for some type of follow up for services provided by Grace. Most of them wanted information for our kids programming like Wednesday Night Live or Sunday Morning Worship.

Everyone at the backpack event had a story, and some were shared willingly with us. Some stories were shared through conversations and some through prayers. The special thing about events such as this is seeing God work through some of us to reach others of us.

Hebrews 13:16And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Truth is, not everyone is called to adopt. Not everyone is called to foster parent. Not everyone is called to be a mentor, or a social worker or CASA, but everyone can play a roll as we live out our calling to care deeply for the orphan!

When people think about getting involved in foster care, the first things that often come to mind are foster parenting and adoption. To be sure, these are 2 important pieces of the foster care puzzle. But, what are some of the other pieces and how can God use your unique gifts and experiences in some of these vital areas? Let’s understand the multiple pieces of the foster care puzzle and evaluate exactly where you might fit. Click the button below to view and/or download a guide created specifically to help you process through this multi-faceted topic:


GOD’S CALL TO CARE FOR THE ORPHAN IS FOR ALL OF US. Joining “Resource” is for anyone who has wrestled with how to address the orphan crisis. Caring for orphans makes grace touchable. When Christians choose to adopt, foster, mentor, or support care for orphans in the community surrounding Glendora and around the globe, it reveals God’s true character to the world like nothing else we can do.

Resource” will take our collective efforts as the Church and unpack the specific and practical steps everyone can take to care for orphans in distress. Some of these steps are ‘big’ choices like fostering or adopting; some are simpler choices like supporting foster care work locally and abroad or mentoring a foster youth. But all are ways we can practically show love to orphans—not because of a sense of duty, guilt, or even idealism, but because we’ve first been loved by God. So once again, we invite you to click the button below to view and/or download a guide created specifically to help you process through this multi-faceted topic:


Now What? Here is a great and informative webinar to assist you as we answer the question together: Where do I fit?


Take a look (below) at the sermon series we launched and built around this NEW ministry opportunity in and around Glendora, CA.

Sunday, May 28, 2017
Title: reSOURCE: See What Love Can Do! Speaker: John Dix
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Sunday, June 4, 2017
Title: reSOURCE: Find Your Something Speaker: John Dix
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Sunday, June 11, 2017
Title: All-Music Service
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Sunday’s Playlist

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Title: We Are Family! Speaker: John Dix
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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Title: Community Action Speaker: John Dix
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